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Oregon High School Students Struggling with Poverty and Dropping Out

High school dropout rates are climbing in Oregon. Last year, more than one in four high school students dropped out before receiving a diploma. We also know that over 21% of school aged children in our state are living below the poverty line, which can compound problems for students failing to complete their education.

Big River Insurance is launching a campaign to encourage children in and around Wasco County to complete their high school education and receive a diploma.

Offering Educational Support

Big River Insurance is proud to be a Regional Ambassador for Wasco County in the #AgentsofChange network. During this campaign, our plan is to help provide financial and logistical support to local students from low income families, to support scholastic supply drives and healthy food initiatives, and to take part in outreach efforts that actively encourage students to stay in school.

There are thousands of at-risk students in our area, and we need your help to connect with all of them.

Your Help is Vital

For this campaign to be successful, we need you to introduce us to your friends and loved ones. When you invite someone to come and visit our team at Big River Insurance, we can provide them with a free insurance consultation as well as more information on our campaign to encourage students to complete their education. When they leave, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a regional agency or program that provides support to our students.

We Hope You Join Us

This is your chance to make a huge impact in our community, to improve lives for you people, and to make sure all the children in our area stay in school and complete their education. We hope you join us.


Rob LaVigne

Big River Insurance

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