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Hood River Chiropractic & Wellness

Good health is more than just a momentary experience, it's a lifestyle choice 


Our goal at Hood River Chiropractic & Wellness is to help you achieve your goal of an overall healthy lifestyle. Everybody is unique and therefore requires a unique and customized wellness plan. Self-care, nutrition, stress relief, and exercise are emphasized in our wellness plans, with the goal of preventing the recurrence of your original problem. Our chiropractors and practitioners will work with you to create good habits and routines that will ultimately build the foundation for a pain-free and fulfilling lifestyle.Our treatment philosophy is based on three guiding principles:

1. To fully understand you as a patient, as well as your condition.
2. To provide a customized wellness plan.
3. Continued and extended education, to ensure the positive changes last.

501 Portway Avenue, Suite 203

Hood River, OR 97031

Phone: (541) 406-0849